Ресторан Brasserie, Уфа

Book a table at Restaurant Brasserie +7 (347) 246 55 70


Savor delicious foods and beverages at Restaurant Brasserie. Our skilled cooks do their best for your finest dining experience! Try something from our wonderful choice of dishes from Bashkir, Russian, and European cuisines.
Free parking for restaurant guests

Restaurant Brasserie at
Holiday Inn, Ufa

Restaurant Brasserie
Restaurant Brasserie

We invite you to enjoy relaxed atmosphere and try amazing specialties from our chef. Our guests strive for informal communication, so we did our best to design a space for this at our restaurant situated on the 1st floor of the hotel.

Our “a la carte” menu has a fine choice of Bashkir, Russian, and European dishes. So, don’t miss your chance to try something unusual.

This is where our guests come for tasty breakfast buffets that feature a wide choice of cold cuts, porridges, breakfast cereals, hot dishes and such.

We also organize lunches and dinners here for participants of various events.

Lobby Bar and Café to Go,
Pop Up Area

Our guests have a chance to order dishes and beverages in our Lobby Bar and Pop Up Area or take out food from Café to Go.

Lobby Bar is a cozy place where you can enjoy your time with friends, family and partners. It’s a good choice both for business meetings or pleasant chitchats with your dear ones.

Pop Up Area is part of Open Lobby concept where you may read various books available right there for you, play some games on Play Station or have fun playing a table game with your friends.

Café to Go is a great place to get some food to go if you don’t feel like staying there to eat.

We make things extra convenient for you, so you could enjoy your life to the fullest.

Holiday Inn: Лобби-бар и Cafe to Go Holiday Inn: Лобби-бар и Cafe to Go
Holiday Inn: Лобби-бар и Cafe to Go
Vladimir Zoteyev

Vladimir Zoteyev


Talented cooks of Restaurant Brasserie

Our team of skilled cooks is ready to show the guests that cooking is truly a special art. We strive to give you the best dining experience. The restaurant’s team of culinary virtuosos invites you to try their masterpieces.

  • Bulat Mamleyev

    Sous chef

  • Maria Chechulina

    Pastry chef

  • Dmitriy Kugayevskiy

    Cold line cook

  • Ruslan Timashev


  • Artur Khuziakhmetov


Photo gallery of dishes from Restaurant Brasserie

Room Service

Ресторанное обслуживание в номерах
Ресторанное обслуживание в номерах

We are always glad to take care of our guests, that is why we offer
24/7 Room Service.

You can order food and drinks to be delivered to your room any time of day and night. Be it simply a snack or a full meal, we have a variety of dishes in the room menu.

And if you don’t get your food in 30 minutes, you’ll have it free.

Restaurant Brasserie

Fine Restaurant with talented
cooks that will delight you with
their dishes

Opening hours:
  • from 7 am till 11 pm
  • breakfasts from 7 am till 10:30 (on weekdays)
  • breakfasts from 7 am till 11:00 (at weekend)

Tel.:+7 (347) 216 43 43


Ufa, 2 Verkhnetorgovaya Square

Ресторан Brasserie, Уфа
Ресторан Brasserie, Уфа

Holiday Inn Ufa is the perfect place for holding various kinds of events!

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